The Book of Frog

The Book of Frog
a fiction by Jan Zwicky
ISBN 1.897141.49.1
$20 | paper

What do hanging folders have to do with Schubert? A broken kettle switch with the Prajñāpāramitā sutras? Rustic Italian arugula and 24-7 Internet cafés with minor league baseball and The Golden Ratio? If you ask Frog— who’s made of granite with four tiny barnacles for feet, and the most plain-talking character in Jan Zwicky’s latest adventure in prose, The Book of Frog—he’d probably tell you that “everything is always about everything.” After all, he’s from the Jurassic period: being 200 million years old gives a guy some perspective on things. – Review by Jessica Michalofsky, The Winnipeg Review


the book of frog