Submissions Guide

Pedlar Press is a consistently award-winning Canadian literary publishing house based in St. John’s NL. Pedlar started in 1996 and was run single-handedly by Beth Follett until 2018, when Monica Kidd joined as co-publisher.  We typically publish seven books of literary fiction, nonfiction, translation or poetry per year, including at least two debuts. 

Our house vision is this: to acquire works of exceptional literary quality that break silences regarding widespread failures of social and political systems, and to make books with serious intellectual and emotional content.

No Pedlar book is published as accepted. Each undergoes editorial transformation—often in-house, but occasionally with guest editors—with an eye to making it meet the aesthetic requirements of the text itself. Our aim is to produce literary works of integrity that will make a pronounced difference in the lives of Pedlar’s readers.

Before you submit your manuscript, please familiarize yourself with our backlist; understanding what makes Pedlar distinctive and why your work fits our mandate will help your pitch.

Please note that while the majority of our authors and translators are Canadian (like most Canadian-owned publishers, we are supported by grants that rightly require an emphasis on Canadian authors), we do sometimes acquire international works for translation. Also: it can take two years between acceptance and publication.

To submit:

  1. Please begin by sending a query letter with a one-paragraph description of the work. Please compare your book to one or two Pedlar books, and include a literary CV. (Do not elaborate on your literary lineage and relationships; we prefer to let the work speak for itself.) Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please flag this in your letter, and tell us promptly if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  2. If we are interested in your description, we will ask for a .pdf of either the complete manuscript (if short prose or poetry) or for the first 50 pages (for long prose).
  3. Please do not send hard copies unless invited to do so, as we try to minimize our environmental footprint.
  4. You may submit at any time during the year, but please be patient. We aim to respond to submissions within six months of receipt.