2012 Shortlist – Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia Literary Awards
Atlantic Poetry Prize Shortlist:
Sue Goyette, outskirts, Brick Books
Warren Heiti, Hydrologos, Pedlar Press
Anne Simpson, Is, McClelland & Stewart
Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Ficiton Prize Shortlist:
Valerie Compton, Tide Road, Goose Lane Editions
Heather Jessup, The Lightning Field, Gaspereau Press
David Adams Richards, Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul, Doubleday Canada
Evelyn Richardson Memorial Non-Fiction Award Shortlist:
Chris Benjamin, Eco-Innovators: Sustainability in Atlantic Canada, Nimbus Publishing
Ray MacLeod, Hope For Wildlife: True Stories of Animal Rescue, Nimbus Publishing
Harry Thurston, The Atlantic Coast:  A Natural History, Greystone Books in association with the David Suzuki Foundation

The Dangling Conversations

Click on any link below for some marvellous thinking by a Pedlar author.


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Why ❝ Pedlar Press ❞ ?

How did you come to name the press Pedlar? Many have asked. In 1996, searching for a name, I uncovered the little-known fact of Walt Whitman selling his Leaves of Grass door-to-door across America. A pedlar of poetry & of beauty & of a great love for the human & natural worlds: I believed, in 1996, that the image of a queer poet (who had suffered already more than his share of detractors), on the road in the dark with only a pronounced trust in the worthiness of his project, was an image that would sustain me across the vicissitudes, the blind alleys and cries in the night. And it has, a thousand times over.

Pedlar Press is dedicated to the memory of Walt Whitman’s agency & dignity & faith.