Three Poems | Midi Onodera

Three Poems | Midi Onodera.  (Click here.)

In February during a special screening of Cinenova: All Hands on the Archive, featuring The Displaced View and Ronna Bloom’s video, I Feel Hopeful about the Future, Midi Onodera had the opportunity to chat with Ronna about her work and her current poetry. She was struck by the power of Ronna’s video and her understated yet effective performance on camera. Onodera encouraged her to consider a redux version of the video, 26 years after the original. Although this hasn’t yet happened the two women did manage to come up with something else.

In August they finally had a chance to meet and share some ideas and thoughts about their work. Ronna mentioned that she had a book launch coming up in September and Onodera offered to create a few small videos based on some of her poetry. Here are the results.

Ronna’s collection of poetry, **Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement,** is published by Pedlar Press and is available through or your local independent bookseller.

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