Pay It Forward

These are exceptional times. While the COVID-19 outbreak is creating challenges for everyone, it is particularly difficult for those living in vulnerable circumstances. In the weeks and months ahead, Pedlar will be offering packages of recent and backlist titles for $20 and $30 each. It is our hope that the concept of Pay It Forward will be enacted during these months, such that those living in poverty, women and children fleeing domestic violence, people living in shelters, on the street or at risk of homelessness, people with disabilities or those with health conditions, people with mental health issues, older people living alone or in institutions, and people in correctional institutions will be the recipients of some of these packages.

When you see Pedlar at market tables over the summer, kindly consider buying at least one package of books to donate to people living in more vulnerable circumstances. Every package will include one copy of the art book Gerald Squires, winner of the 2019 NL Nonfiction Book Award. Gerry Squires was a distinguished Newfoundland artist. His contributions to the province were immense. The book contains 140 images that showcase his great range of imaginative talent.

If you would like to buy a package but want Pedlar to determine the recipient, you may forward an e-transfer for $20 or $30, to, with the message: Pay It Forward.
Beth Follett, Publisher

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