EIGHT for $35: In Canada Only

Eight Pedlar titles for $35, including shipping.

Any eight! Available books listed below, some in small quantities.

In Canada only.


Seeing Martin by Su Croll, The Search for Heinrich Schlögel by Martha Baillie, The Benjamenta College of Art by Alan Reed, The Causes by Cathy Stonehouse, This Is Agatha Falling by Heather Nolan, The Incident Report by Martha Baillie, Gay Dwarves of America by Anne Fleming, No Angel by Annie McLurg, The Book of Frog by Jan Zwicky, The.Hope. by Craig Francis Power.
Cult Life by Kyeren Regehr, Small Arguments by Souvankham Thammavongsa, Niagara & Government by Phil Hall, Oderin by Agnes Walsh, Slow Curve Out by Maureen Scott Harris, Drowning Lessons by Maureen Scott Harris, Faunics by Jack Davis, Were There Gazelle by Laura McRae, Lamb by Michael Kenyon, Only Seemly by Guy Birchard, Local Haunts by David White, Vanishing Acts by Moira MacDougall, Persuasion for a Mathematician by Joanne Page, Waterworks by Joanne Page, Whisk by Yoko’s Dogs, The Little Seamstress by Phil Hall, Straight Razor Days by Joel Thomas Hynes, Cottonopolis by Rachel Lebowitz.
Sister Language by Christina & Martha Baillie, The Difficult by Stan Dragland, The Bricoleur & His Sentences by Stan Dragland, Winter in Tilting by Robert Mellin.
How You Were Born by Kate Cayley.
The Lady From Kent by Barbara Nolan.

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