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Winner over the years

1. 9780968188446 WILD MOUSE, nominated City of Toronto Book award; Alcuin Society design award winner 1998

2. 9780968188477 LAKE WHERE NO ONE SWIMS,Alcuin Society design award winner 1999

3. 9780968188491 CHARISMA, nominated Trillium award 2000

4. 9780968652213 ROCKET SCIENCE, Alcuin Society design award winner 2000

5. 9780968652299 ON EVERY STONE, Alcuin Society design award winner 2002

6. 9780973214024 PUBLIC WORKS, shortlist Pat Lowther award

7. 9780973214031 PERSUASION FOR A MATHEMATICIAN, Alcuin Society design award winner

8. 9780973214055 SMALL ARGUMENTS, winner ReLit award for Poetry; winner CAA Emerging Author award; New Quarterly Most Beloved Poet award; Alcuin Society design award winner 2003

9. 9780973214086 DROWNING LESSONS, winner Trillium Poetry award 2004

10. 9781897141014 STORMY WEATHER: FOURSOMES, shortlist NL EJ Pratt award; Alcuin Society design award winner 2005

11. 9781897141045 THIS WOMAN ALPHABETICAL, winner Archibald Lampman award; nominated ReLit for Poetry award 2005

12. 9781897141069 DARK ADAPTATION, winner Doug Wright award, Best Emerging Artist 2006

13. 9781897141113 HANNUS, shortlist BC Book Prizes; shortlist Edna Staebler award; shortlist ReLit for Poetry award 2006

14. 9781897141137 NERVE LANGUAGE, finalist Governor General’s award for Poetry 2007

15. 9781897141144 FOUND, Adapted to film by Paramita Nath; Alcuin Society design award winner 2007

16. 9781897141175 IM NOT GOING TO LIE TO YOU, finalist Lampman-Scott award; shortlist ReLit for Poetry award 2007

17. 9781897141205 SKIN ROOM, nominated BMO Winterset award; nominated Thomas H Randall Atlantic Fiction prize; shortlist ReLit for Fiction award 2008

18. 9781897141236 WATERMARKS, nominated Trillium Poetry award 2008

19. 9781897141250 INCIDENT REPORT, THE, Best 100 Books Globe & Mail; longlist Giller Award; shortlist ReLit for Fiction award 2009

20. 9781897141267 PERMISO, shortlist Pat Lowther award 2009

21. 9781897141274 IVANS BIRCHES, shortlist ReLit for Poetry award 2009

22. 9781897141304 OTHERS RAISD IN ME, THE, shortlist ReLit for Poetry award 2009

23. 9781897141335 BOOK, nominated Trillium award; shortlist ReLit for Fiction award 2010

24. 9781897141342 SWEET, winner ReLit award for Poetry; nominated Trillium award for Poetry 2010

25. 9781897141359 BLOOD RELATIVES, winner ReLit award for Fiction; nominated BMO Winterset award 2010

26. 9781897141403 WORE DOWN TRUST, winner Archibald Lampman award 2010

27. 9781897141427 STRAIGHT RAZOR DAYS, shortlist ReLit for Poetry award 2011

28. 9781897141434 HYDROLOGOS, nominated Atlantic Poetry prize 2011

29. 9781897141458 POST-APOTHECARY, winner Poetry Top Bard; shortlist ReLit for Poetry award; finalist Archibald Lampman award; Alcuin Society design award winner 2011

30. 9781897141465 GAY DWARVES OF AMERICA, shortlist BC Book Prizes—Ethel Wilson 2011

31. 9781897141472 GIANT, nominated City of Toronto Book award; Giller Readers’ Top Ten Choice 2011

32. 9781897141502 SLOW CURVE OUT, shortlist Pat Lowther award 2012

33. 9781897141519 CLOUDY WITH A FIRE IN THE BASEMENT, shortlist Pat Lowther award 2012

34. 9781897141526 CHURCH OF THE EXQUISITE PANIC: THE OPHELIA POEMS, nominated Atlantic Poetry prize 2012

35. 9781897141564 LIGHT, winner Trillium Poetry award 2013

36. 9781897141588 JUANITA WILDROSE MY TRUE LIFE, nominated Amazon First Novel award 2013

37. 9781897141595 OUTSIDE WORLD, nominated Trillium award 2013

38. 9781897141632 SEARCH FOR HEINRICH SCHLÖGEL, Best of Oprah’s Editors list; Best 100 Books Globe & Mail, and Best Quill & Quire 2014

39. 9781897141656 HOW YOU WERE BORN, winner Trillium award; nominated Governor General’s Award for Fiction 2014

40. 9781897141663 SUBDUCTION ZONE, winner ASLE Creative Book Award 2014

41. 9781897141670 WINTER IN TILTING, winner APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book award 2015

42. 9781897141687 DUKE, winner BMO Winterset & NL History & Heritage book awards 2015

43. 9781897141700 STRANGERS & OTHERS: Newfoundland Essays, nominated BMO Winterset award 2015

44. 9781897141717 POISON COLOUR, shortlist Pat Lowther & Raymond Souster Awards 2015

45. 9781897141724 TELL, nominated Griffin Poetry Prize; winner Trillium Poetry 2015

46. 9781897141762 POEMW, shortlist BC Book Prizes 2016

47. 9781897141786 THE.HOPE., winner Alcuin Excellence in Design — Fiction 2016

48. 9781897141823 GERALD SQUIRES, nominated NL History & Heritage book award; nominated APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book Award 2017

49. 9781897141830 THE MORE, longlist Toronto Book Award 2017

50. 9781897141847 LATE STYLE, longlist Raymond Souster award 2017

51. 9781897141854 THIS REAL, longlist Raymond Souster award 2017

52. 9781897141861 FAUNICS, shortlist Gerald Lampert award; shortlist Alanna Bondar Memorial Book Prize; winner Alcuin Excellence in Design — Poetry 2017

STARRED REVIEW — Quill & Quire — The Lady From Kent, Barbara Nichol, illustrated by Bill Pechet

The spirits of Lear and Belloc are channelled in Barbara Nichol’s arousingly illogical book of light verse, The Lady from Kent, about, well, a lady who says she’s from Kent. But as we quickly learn the Lady says a lot of things, few of which relate to a recognizable reality. They sure are entertaining, though.

The book is divided into sections, told to an unseen narrator, that function as a kind of absurdist resumé. In “Early Years,” we meet the Lady’s pet raccoon. When the Lady was a child, she instructed the animal to play the violin (and spoons), earning the animal’s lifelong loyalty. “Some Worthy Acts” catalogues the Lady’s generosity: in addition to running a charm school for bats, she taught “autumn leaves to fall” and “giants to be small.”

“Oddities and Accomplishments” (which could describe the whole book) boasts of how the Lady does the daily crossword “never looking at the clues” and bakes chocolate cake “without ingredients.” Her claim of having invented the bathing cap and rake, however, provokes skepticism on the part of the narrator (the rake, after all, “is eons old”). This causes the Lady to become peevish, her tone “very cold”: “Her answer came so quickly / That it might have been rehearsed: / “I said I had invented it, / Not that I was first!”

“A Business Venture” describes how the Lady once befriended a “vast swarm of killer bees” that she trained to perform circus acts disguised as fleas, all while remaining mindful of the capitalist imperative: “She taught them to walk tightropes, / And bring tigers to submission, / And many other wondrous feats, /For which she charged admission.”

This is the ninth children’s book by the multi-talented Nichol (who also created the beloved recording Beethoven Lives Upstairs) and the fourth by illustrator Bill Pechet. An architect and designer by trade, Pechet once represented Canada at the Venice Biennale with the world’s largest polar-fleece garment, giving him exactly the right credentials for this project.

The Lady from Kent is so musical and clever it comes as a surprise when the rhymes occasionally mash their gears. But think of that as praising with faint damnation: page after page, Nichol shores up surface whimsy with blazing originality and intelligence.